9300 Attempts Compartmentalization to Create Plenty of New Space in Your Apartment!

Published on October 3, 2013 by

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Here is a great way to compartmentalize your new space into plenty of rooms! If you have a long room, take advantage of it, by sectioning off the farthest back area to be your bedroom, and then use multiple standing shelves as separation dividers between bedroom, living room and kitchen.

Here they used all neutral colors, but picked a slightly different color scheme for each area. This helps give consistency throughout the rooms while still giving each section it’s own sense of individuality and character. The two large chairs they used next to one another in conjunction with the couch, also help separate the living room from all surrounding space by using the large arm rests at each end to create lines that help better seclude the area.

Lastly, flaunt the best assets of your pad, by adding an eye-catching piece of artwork above your fireplace, like they did here!

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