9300 Encourages You to Furnish For Yourself!!

Rather than furnishing for multiple people, furnish for yourself– especially if you’re the only one that’ll be living there! One easy way to save tons of space in your next apartment, is to substitute a dining table for a small raised high-table or counter-top with stools. This will give you the counter space you need to eat or do some work, without cluttering your apartment with too much furniture you won’t be able to regularly utilize.

Also to add depth and character to your cozy crib, try decorating spaces that have separate functions by painting or using patterned or floral wallpaper on accent walls like they did here. This will not only jazz up your space, but also give you some subtle (or not so subtle) artwork for your room without drawing too much attention to its dimensions, or creating too much clutter that can end up leaving any space looking like a free-for-all.

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