9300 Explores the Key Element of Balance When Decorating and Reinventing Your New Apartment

One essential key to interior design is balance. As we all know, it is way too easy to get caught up in the latest trend and overdo it a bit. Instead of trying to recreate and restyle your space, look to incorporate various items or styles that intrigue, or excite you! When working with limited square footage or a difficult layout, the true feat is creating a cohesive environment through complimentary patterns and hues. Note how designer, Erica Islas, incorporates this vibrant orange through the use of mixed neutrals to avoid overpowering this limited space, and the subtle teal adds dimension and depth!


Another noteworthy aspect of balance pertains to the distribution of light. Of course, everyone should look to maximize his or her space’s natural light by utilizing mirrors and maintaining open space, but another way to create the illusion of light is through the use of various lighting fixtures. The pendant lamp is a particular design enabling you to free up some much needed floor space, while creating a decorative, overhead glow.

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