9300 Realty Featured Listing: No Fee Apartment at 147 Avenue A

9300 Realty Featured Listing: No Fee Apartment at 147 Avenue A

9300 Realty, the longtime recognized leader in no fee New York apartments, is delighted to introduce their featured listings.

These apartments, located in New York City’s most prestigious and well known neighborhoods, combine the best in comfort and style, while retaining the affordability that is unique to no fee apartments.  By cutting out the bothersome middleman of a real estate broker, 9300 Realty delivers unparalleled service and luxury.  In this post, we explore 147 Avenue A, a two bedroom apartment located amidst the art and culture of New York’s East Village.

No Fee New York Rental: Two Bedroom Apartment in the East Village

Walking into 9300 Realty property at 147 Avenue A, the elegant modernity of the apartment is immediately apparent.

9300 Realty hardwood floors

Exposed brick walls and hardwood floors at 9300 Realty apartments

The exposed brickwork and polished wood floors signal refined sophistication and opens the space to a wide range of interior design possibilities.  The windows face out towards the fronts of the building; perfect for a lazy afternoon curled up in a favorite chair, watching the world go by on the busy city streets below.

The modern granite kitchen tops also set 9300 Realty apart from other no fee apartments.   Equipped to provide the utmost convenience, the kitchen comes fully equipped with a dish washer.  With this kitchen, residents can have a fabulous evening in with friends, enjoying a good food and wine amongst friends.

Stainless steel appliances at 9300 Realty apartments

Stainless steel appliances at 9300 Realty apartments

Understanding that spending three hours and a sizeable chunk of change at the Laundromat is one of the most frustrating aspects of apartment life, 9300 Realty has also provided a fully functional washer and dryer unit to ensure the complete convenience and comfort of their residents.

9300 Realty washing machine and dryer

9300 Realty apartments feature washers and dryers

Perhaps the property’s crowning achievement is its luxurious bathroom.  Ensconced with marble, this bathroom is ideal for savoring a long soak after a hard day at work, and provides all the amenities and day-to-day functionality that New York apartment dwellers have come to expect from a modern bathroom.

New York’s East Village: A Paradise for the Young and Adventurous

Though the amenities of 9300 Realty’s no fee apartments make it tempting to stay in every night, there are equally as many reasons to get out and explore the neighborhood—in this case, New York’s East Village.  The setting of innumerous novels and movies, New York’s East Village is one of the most famous locals on earth, and offers a host of restaurants, galleries, theatres, and museums for those looking to enjoy New York’s unique culture.

From the shambolic Alphabet City to the historic St. Mark’s Church, the East Village has something for everyone.  Of particular interest is the Bowery District just to south, which features some of the most well-known music venues in the country, including CBGB’s (closed in 2006) and the Bowery Ballroom.

New York University, one of the premier institutions of higher education in the world, is also centered in the East Village, making it a center of academic though and culture, as well an artistic and literary hub.

9300 Realty: New York’s Premier No Fee Apartments

9300 Realty provides the ideal mix of apartment amenities located in the most desired districts in New York City, and Featured Listing #5265 is no exception.  With its beautiful interiors, supplied appliances, and unbeatable location, this two bedroom apartment represents a perfect opportunity for those looking to experience New York City at its best.

For more information, visit 9300 Realty online, email apartments@9300realty.com or call 212-228-9300.

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