9300 Realty Decorates With Tons of Color and Simple Elements of Grandeur!

The funky and artistic decor here does a lot to add color, texture, and personality to the room without making it look overdone.

By starting out with some light basic furnishings like this low beige couch and two small wooden, fabric armchairs at a 90 degree angle, you are able to add tons of seating to the space without making too large a footprint on the floor.The large ottoman in the center of the living room also doubles as a coffee table, by adding one or more flat wooden trays atop that can be used for relaxing drinks, some flowers, or anything else you may need to stand upright. The upholstered, nail-headed ottoman and the two matching lamps also help the room feel more regal and elegant by adding simple elements of grandeur.Here, simple yet colorful art is symmetrically placed in the center of the space, while textured, colorful plush pillows and flower arrangements are incorporated throughout the room to add consistency to this exquisite little artsy hangout spot.

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