9300 Realty Features Luxurious East Village Apartment for Rent

9300 Realty Features Luxurious East Village Apartment for Rent

If you’re in the market for East Village apartments, you will love 9300 Realty’s delightfully welcoming two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment on 102 East 7th Street. Located in the diverse neighborhood of East Village, its amenities include a granite kitchen and high ceilings, making those living here feel like royalty. Newly renovated, this home also boasts a marble bath, and washer, dryer, and dishwasher units.

9300 Realty apartment with fireplace and hardwood floors

Luxurious Fireplace with Hardwood Floors

 East Village Apartment with Prime Location and Amenities

Not just one, but two luxurious balconies accompany this lovely East Village Apartment, making it possible to step outside for fresh air or get a glance of the vibrant neighborhood without ever leaving. To step up the comfort even more, become engulfed in a good novel or conversation with guests next to a calm fire – 9300 Realty is pleased to offer a fireplace with exposed brick, bringing charm and warmth to the space.

With gorgeous wooden cabinets, stainless steel appliances, and granite counter tops, the kitchen in this East Village apartment is just enchanting.

9300 Realty marble bathroom

Apartment Comes With a Marble Bathroom

 The stunning marble bathroom walls will captivate anyone who enters them as well, proving that this isn’t just any old apartment; it’s the absolute perfect place to call home.

East Village NYC: The Home of Counterculture in New York City

East Village is best known for being the birthplace of many artistic movements, and has developed a rich and unique identity unmatched anywhere else. Blondie, Madonna, and the Beastie Boys are among many musical artists who got their start in clubs around the area, and it’s the setting for Jonathan Larson’s highly popular musical Rent. While in the area you’ll notice many historical buildings and landmarks such as the Ottendorfer Library, and when the sun sets the vibrant nightlife associated with East Village comes alive.

The neighborhood is home to hundreds of diverse eateries and is one of the best places in Manhattan for sampling different cuisines, as well as many theaters and attractions, so there’s always something to do or see without having to go too far.

More Information on This Featured Listing

For more information on featured listing at 102 East 7th Street, visit 9300 Realty online, email apartments@9300realty.com or call 212-228-9300.


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