9300 Realty Finds Designs to Utilize Space and Give Your Room an Elegant Flare!

This apartment does a great job of looking spacious and elegant, while still utilizing every inch of square footage available.

This design can be created by using a perfectly sized sectional couch and area rug to suggest an imaginary line between two spaces, without leaving too much unused room open for foot traffic.

Next, by adding all neutral elements like light colored walls, armchairs, cabinetry, a kitchen island and stools, you are also made to believe there is less furniture in the room then there actually is, making for a more clean and well-organized looking spot to hang out.

Even the built-in entertainment system used above, allows more room for the TV by raising it above eye –level, and also in-turn leaving enough room available to fit a fireplace that gives this apartment an added touch of charm.

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