9300 Realty Helps Your Cozy Spot Look Twice as Big When Using the Right Touches to Decorate!

When trying to use patterns in your next pad, always make sure the busier the pattern you use, the smaller the item you use it on should be. For instance, this patterned chair adds color and shape, but takes up minimal space due to its sleek armless design, and open location in the room.

Also by using very simple patterns on larger items or fabrics like these ones on the carpet and duvet cover, you are able to create a sense of movement, as the subtle linearity causes your focus to shift back and forth across the room.

When using multiple patterns however, make sure to create balance and cohesiveness by adding larger items in bold single colors that match the multiple hues you used in either design.

Lastly, if trying to divide your room into multiple purposes, attempt using one of these cool accordion-style dividers between your two largest pieces of furniture. This will help create the illusion of a separate space without underutilizing or over-cluttering awkward or leftover room.

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