9300 Realty Knows that Achieving Consistency is the Key to a Perfect Apartment!

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Key to the perfect apartment is always achieving CONSISTENCY! Painting your room can easily help you achieve this. Just try a few of these simple tricks to help you make the most of your not-so-spacious setup.

First, make sure that the base of your color palette is neutral, using cool colors such as blue and green only to create distance and add a sense of space that dark colored walls will take away. Next, try using a higher gloss paint to reflect light, or paint only one wall a deep accent color, while surrounding it with the use of mirrors to create light and the illusion of more room.

Even paint insets such as wall nooks and bookcase backs in richer colors are helpful in creating a sense of space and depth in corner crevices and closets, not to mention they’re perfect at drawing your eyes away from the center of your apartment.

Lastly, consider hanging colorful drapery panels across a wall, regardless of whether or not you have a window to display them in front of. This will add a touch of softness to the space, while still offering you a completely removable design to take down as soon as your lease is up!

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9300 Realty knows what your apartment rental needs are: pristine location, luxurious amenities and the one-of-a-kind Manhattan experience. Realty in Manhattan shouldn’t be overwhelming. Here at 9300 Realty in NYC, we are prepared to help you find your dream apartment. Whether you are looking for a quiet abode on the Upper West Side, or a hip one-bedroom in the East Village, 9300 Realty has the ideal apartment for you.


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