9300 Realty 3 Bedroom SoHo Apartment Rental

9300 Realty 3 Bedroom SoHo Apartment Rental

9300 Realty was tempted to keep today’s featured no fee apartment rental listing under wraps. A spacious three-bedroom apartment is available in SoHo NYC, one of the most famous Manhattan neighborhoods? Even we want to move in! Standard in this three bedroom luxury apartment are the high ceilings, granite countertops, marble bathrooms and wall-to-wall hardwood floors that have become recognized as the hallmark of a 9300Realty NYC rental.

9300 Realty Apartment with Furnished Kitchen & Hardwood Floors

Furnished Kitchen & Hardwood Floors


No Fee New York Apartment with Laundry & Marble Bathrooms

Some of the most luxurious improvements 9300 Realty makes in each of its no fee apartment rentals in Manhattan are the fresh, total bathroom renovations. The installation of clean, bright white bathroom units and new stylish mirrors and marble in the bathrooms joins the rest of the improvements that make every tenant feel like a special guest!

9300 Realty apartments feature marble bathrooms

Marble Bathrooms & Washer/Dryer Setups

The only area in this no fee New York apartment where the beautiful hardwood floors don’t extend is to these renovated luxury bathrooms. But with the door open, you can let in that brilliant shine of natural sunlight streaming in through the windows to reflect against the polished marble and mirrors.

As you take in the lovely look of hardwood floors and renovated marble baths, you will notice that another luxury amenity to enjoy with apartment mates: a washer & dryer unit right in your Manhattan apartment!  No more lugging your clothes to laundry places “right around the corner,” you can truly multi-task now with the convenience of washing at home.

9300 Realty kitchen at Mott Street in SoHo

Kitchen with Stainless Steel Appliances

We might have saved the best for last in this 9300 Realty NYC featured listing. The kitchen, of course! In this Lower Manhattan no fee apartment all the appliances including the dishwasher are stainless steel and topped with beautiful new granite counters, all contrasted beautifully with the shining hardwood flooring, which leads out to the bonus of a balcony with fresh-air views of the surrounding SoHo hustle and bustle.

 So Go to SoHo: A World-Famous Lower Manhattan Neighborhood in NYC

There’s a reason why everyone at 9300 Realty loves SoHo so much. A Manhattan neighborhood made famous for the vibrancy brought to its streets by the art crowd, SoHo is so named to describe its Lower Manhattan location (a blend of “South” and “Houston” meaning “South of Houston Street”). It stretches from the River to Lafayette Street and from West Houston to Canal Street in Lower Manhattan.

The airy, spacious lofts renovated into living and work spaces years ago were attractive for artists, designers, writers, and aspiring performers.  As the culture in the area grew more attractive to fans and visitors, the nightlife, upscale boutiques, shopping centers as well as performance spaces started to open their doors, too. Now, you can find many types of students, young professionals, families and artists in the SoHo area, as well as some of New York City’s best night life.

For more information on 246 Mott Street, visit 9300 Realty online, email apartments@9300realty.com or call 212-228-9300.

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