Apartment Design

9300 Realty Suggests Adding a Breakfast Bar That Helps Create Extra Counter Space!

This cozy white chair takes up a minimal amount of floor space in the room, while still contributing a modern twist to this simple yet wildly unique sanctuary. The patterned walls add a whimsical and “open-outdoor” accent to the room, while the floating shelves and geometric artwork add additional flare and personality.Lastly, the positioning of the breakfast bar works as a great space saver, especially for those of us whose apartments come without any extra counter space. Add a high narrow table or a floating bar for eating at, and then put a chair or two on either side of it to open up your living room and make the kitchen and dining areas larger and more conversational!

9300 Realty Finds Designs to Utilize Space and Give Your Room an Elegant Flare!

This apartment does a great job of looking spacious and elegant, while still utilizing every inch of square footage available.

This design can be created by using a perfectly sized sectional couch and area rug to suggest an imaginary line between two spaces, without leaving too much unused room open for foot traffic.

Next, by adding all neutral elements like light colored walls, armchairs, cabinetry, a kitchen island and stools, you are also made to believe there is less furniture in the room then there actually is, making for a more clean and well-organized looking spot to hang out.

Even the built-in entertainment system used above, allows more room for the TV by raising it above eye –level, and also in-turn leaving enough room available to fit a fireplace that gives this apartment an added touch of charm.

9300 Encourages You to Furnish For Yourself!!

Rather than furnishing for multiple people, furnish for yourself– especially if you’re the only one that’ll be living there! One easy way to save tons of space in your next apartment, is to substitute a dining table for a small raised high-table or counter-top with stools. This will give you the counter space you need to eat or do some work, without cluttering your apartment with too much furniture you won’t be able to regularly utilize.

Also to add depth and character to your cozy crib, try decorating spaces that have separate functions by painting or using patterned or floral wallpaper on accent walls like they did here. This will not only jazz up your space, but also give you some subtle (or not so subtle) artwork for your room without drawing too much attention to its dimensions, or creating too much clutter that can end up leaving any space looking like a free-for-all.

9300 Helps You Utilize Every Square Foot of Space While Maintaining a Stylish and Fun Apartment!

Both stylish and fun, this design utilizes every square foot of space to the best of its ability!

The couch rests directly at the edge of the bed to separate living and sleeping spaces, while the kitchenette, stools, and long bar table are divided by a long hanging curtain that can be left open, or closed at night for some additional privacy.
The light walls here, help give balance to the dark furniture, while stylistic accents such as the yellow stools, cool cow print pillows, and black and white photography around the apartment help give it personality and character without being overdone.

For information on availability, or to find out more about 9300 Realty, check out our website here.

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